Our Place

Our Place

We thought long and hard about what to build into our facility, and we think we’ve come up with the ultimate “designed by pilots for pilots” destination that will make you want to visit us, even if it’s just to enjoy our kegerator (root beer, of course), fancy crew cars, NYC cappuccino maker and free Abita beer. Wait, did we already pander with the free Abita beer?!

These are the features, services, amenities and over-the-top hospitality details we have at our FBO:

  • Jet A (with Prist) / 100LL
  • Oxygen/Nitrogen/Lav/GPU/Potable Water/Bug-scraping services
  • Free overnight hangar space (as available)
  • The largest private ramp at KHDC
  • No ramp fees...ever!
  • Ridiculously nice crew cars
  • Free limo service to New Orleans (with purchase of 500 gallons of fuel)
  • Pilot’s lounge with high-definition satellite television/movie channels, dartboard and kegerator
  • Upscale passenger lounge with high-speed wireless internet, high-definition satellite television and movie channels, high-end coffee/cappuccino/espresso service, complimentary sodas and a local attractions brochure rack that rivals a French Quarter gift shop
  • Complimentary ice and water bottles
  • The best concierge service in the region. We can scrounge up just about anything: Tickets to sold-out events, limos, tours, hotels, Rick’s Cabaret, Aloha Spa...sorry, got a little carried away.

But, on the serious side, we are featured on all the sites where you’d want to find us in the flying world, and we have all the safety/training credentials you’d want us to have to justify your stopping by to see us. See for yourself in the fancy logos below:

NATA Saftey 1st