About Hammond Air Center

Photo of Erin and PaulIt all started a couple of years ago during a routine flight from Telluride to Hammond. Paul Cutrer and myself were playing “Stump the monkey” with the Honeywell FMS in a Hawker 1000, when the conversation turned toward fuel prices, and how one of our clients was paying more for fuel in Hammond than anywhere else they regularly flew. We calculated how much fuel we were collectively burning in aircraft from Hammond under our operational control, and speculated that it was enough to support our own fueling operation.

Paul and I flew together a lot after that trip, and we always talked about FBOs. We discussed fuel quality, ramps, suppliers, and every imaginable aspect of customer service at length. There seemed to be a number of people in the airplane fueling business that didn’t know a whole lot about airplanes, and we were a couple of airplane experts who didn’t know much about fuel! We had a lot to learn, and drew from every resource we could, whenever we could.

We owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to the great folks at Yellowstone Jet Center in Bozeman, Montana, and Miracle Strip Aviation in Destin, Florida. They provided a tremendous amount of technical support and advice that helped to make Hammond Air Center possible. They didn’t do this for money, they did it because they are airplane people, and airplane people are cool!

I already had a nice hangar and passenger lounge for my aircraft management business, so we eventually decided that my existing facility could be a very nice FBO if we made major changes to the ramp, parking, and access road. Aerial shot of Hammond Air Center and the lobbyIn addition to offering an extremely high level of service to the passengers and aircraft owners (What other FBO can make them a Cappuccino or Martini?) we wanted our FBO to be a special place for pilots, too. For that reason, we decided to add a really cool pilot’s lounge/sleep room.

As a pilot, when you visit Hammond Air Center, you may notice many small things that have been taken into consideration from a professional pilot’s viewpoint. For example: the pilot’s lounge has the best view of the access road and facility entrance because we know what it is like to spend six hours waiting on a passenger who could show up at any time. We also subscribe to most of the movie channels, have lightning-fast wireless internet, and offer complimentary sodas. We have a dart board, arcade games, and the crew car is a Cadillac Escalade. After all, downtown Hammond is only a five minute drive, and it is a really neat place!

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