Aerial Shot of Hammond Air Center

Finally, an airplane gas station and fancy lobby designed exclusively by pilots for pilots! (Can you believe we still say Fixed-Based Operator - FBO - almost 100 years since the term was used to celebrate the replacement of Homer’s pick-up truck and gas can for a pilot shack and fuel drum?!)

Welcome to our FBO!

We are a happy family of pilots, service reps, line techs, maintenance guys, and more pilots, that just love the business of hanging around the airport and welcoming other pilots. We are in bed, er, we mean, branded by Shell, and have built a place that you’ll love to visit, trust with your airplane and want to recommend to others. And to help with that last step, we have free Abita beer for all our visiting pilots.

No, that’s not a bribe; it’s a hospitality gesture!

So, take a look at our fuel prices, read up on our people, flip through our photos and peruse our amenities and, if you’re still not convinced that we’re the best thing since sliced bread, then just refocus on the free Abita beer we pandered with earlier.

Photo stack
Photo stack